Need Roofing Services? Check These Signs That Indicate You Need a Roof Repair

A Hazardous Problem

Considering that the lifespan of a roof is anywhere from 20 to 30 years, you likely haven’t put much thought into how it’s doing up there. The fact that your attic hasn’t caved in seems to be a sign that it’s doing alright. However, just because you don’t notice anything wrong with it based on a precursory glance doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need a bit of tender loving and care. Regular maintenance on your roof can continue to extend its lifespan and ensure the safety of your family. After all, the roof is your only defense against rain, snow, and the unrelenting sun. You want to make sure it’s working at peak level. To determine if you need to look up roofing companies Clackamas Oregon for a repair or other service, you should consider some of these signs.

1. Water

A quick inspection that can be done is through the attic. By taking a look at the area and the wooden beams, you can see if there are signs of water damage. If there is, then your roof is likely leaking. Water in your attic is never a happy sign. It’s already damaging the wood it’s touching, and depending on how long the roof has been leaking, you could be facing some serious structural issues. So, keep a close eye on the wood in your attic for any sign of water leakage.

2. Lack Of Granules

There are granules on each roof shingle that are designed to protect it and keep your roof lasting longer. Over time, however, those granules are either stripped off by the rain or beaten down by the sun. Once they’re gone, your shingles are exposed to the elements on their own. This can wear them down even faster and cause your roof to leak a lot faster. Depending on how many granules there are, you may need a roof repaired.