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The Growth and Change of Communication in the World

Technology is beneficial in our daily lives because it fulfills out needs in the various aspects of out lives. Internet is a very large source of information but what most people don’t know is that those are just ideas from other individuals in the world. These experts are conversant in a specific area or niche and then write something about it for people to learn about it too. Content by these experts is made possible by writing their name below the article. The functioning the world has been disrupted by the invention of internet Internet and telecommunication are two different things, telecommunication started from way back. In the past messages would be sent from very far distances for example the use of smoke signals and reflective mirrors. The only complicated mode of communication was through face to face. This was usable only if people are not far from each other. Semaphores came up after a while but they also had their issues. Communication was important only for the military. These experts for a while did not have any more ideas to further on. After a while, these experts developed the use of telegraph which was labor intensive at the beginning. After a while, these experts developed telegraphs that used chemicals. The invention of electricity brought with it good tidings, these experts were able to create electromagnetic telegraphs that were much more convenient and easy to use and suitable for mass production too. Telegraphs stimulated greater thinking and more ideas were developed. Telegraphs were feared because of the nature of news they were used to transmit. The success of telegraphs was short lived because of its weaknesses and these experts were unable to overcome that.

Death of telegraphic came about because experts improved. With the invention of telephones, true connectivity was visible and long distance communication was made easier. At first, the use of telephones was weird for most people but people came to accept it. The growth of the phones has been tremendous such that almost everyone has a phone in their pockets. Radio allowed people to get news and get entertained at the comfort of their homes. The main advantage of radio is that it would serve any group of people whether learned or not. There are various benefits of internet, for instance information authored by experts can be accessed anytime. The internet can transmit messages in various forms be it video or audio alone. The realities that have come with the advent of mobile phone technology by these experts are out of this world, nobody would have thought internet would reach these great heights. The creative people have come up other different types of phones such as voice over internet phones that are being used by corporates.