News For This Month: SEO

What Makes Shady SEO Tactics Ineffective

Many people aspire to take the shortcuts in life like getting rich in just a wink of an eye but of course as part of our human nature we somehow detect if there is some sort of monkey business going on. You might have heard about the news which talks about SEO tactics that can increase the ranking of your site in a matter of few weeks through automated methods, keyword techniques and other tools. There are even those popular SEO companies that using such methods like the stuffing of keyword and more often shady SEO tactics are inexpensive and a faster way of getting on top. Things didn’t remain the same since search engines began to notice these black hats and gray hats tactics in the SEO industry which leads them to improve and modify the algorithms they are using. When the Penguin and Panda updates were launch, a number of sites were penalized and this somehow revolutionized the approach of different SEO companies.

From that moment onwards, it has created a strong trend of following the white hat tactics in SEO marketing which ends up in sustainable and effective results without any risk of getting penalized. The information mentioned earlier are indeed eye – opening but of course it’s not enough to know such thus below are the reasons that makes black hat strategies in SEO ineffective:

1. Search Engines These Days are Already Highly Specialized Unlike Before

You can just imagine the smartest people in this world confined in one building with the same goal and that is to maintain the search engines functionality and detect any kind of spam going on. The tremendous efforts of these highly intellectual individuals is really commendable since they are the ones that make sure people are able to get accurate information on the internet. It is possible that the first thing that comes into your mind when you talk about search engines is the famous headquarters of Google but truth be told there are a lot of work going in search engine development.

The technology that they are using are indeed advanced and just by thinking of how these great people come up with these modifications, it’s quite impossible to think that any SEO marketing expert can ever outsmart them. This somehow puts people who are using black hat tactics to shift and change their ways, white label SEO became a driving force that stops those people from thinking of other tactics that is against the search engine guidelines.

2. Visitors and Aware of The Information They Take In

You must be aware that people these days are becoming smarter as well and so it is not just the search engines that improved over time but the users themselves.