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Common Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Businesses in Oregon encounter many difficulties. Over the last few years, the burdening problem has mainly been that of paying higher tax rates. Unfortunately, the new tax plans seems to stir the problem for business owners in the area. That has made entrepreneurs to find other marketing techniques to reduce their expenditure. The following are the most popular marketing trends that are likely to be seen in 2017.

Businesses are considering outsourcing today for them to thrive. However, there are fears that come with this strategy. To many outsourcing is a costly affair that can be avoided by handling all tasks internally. Regardless of the fears, the tactic still remains viable.

It will thrive in many states across America including Oregon. Although the Trump presidency is limiting the outsourcing strategy by protectionist laws, it has numerous benefits to small business owners. Heavy taxation could however cripple the strategy. This can cripple the economy as a result of businesses having high operational costs. Besides, many companies understand the benefits of having a professional that understands new strategies. That is what makes companies hire consultants like Silverback Strategies to create objectives and new strategies. Hire dependable consultants to avoid wasting time and money. You can find them online and through referrals.

Businesses have also embraces mobile based strategies. Small companies benefit more from mobile traffic than the normal. A business website cannot lack to attract customers. Therefore, companies are doing site customization to improve on entry and customer satisfaction. The mobile strategy helps reach many clients and is useful for local-based organization.

Content marketing is another effective strategy. Another useful approach is content marketing. Previously, it was considered marginal but it is now a favorite for businesses. Organizations know the benefits of SEO features and modify them to match company needs. Companies value strong and updated blogs as this is a way to sell fresh content to their audience. More so, they know the value of informing clients through guest blogging where all content is for free.

Advertising through videos is also trendy. Small firms can send videos through platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. According to research, video sharing can reach clients up to seven times more than any other content shared via social media.

Most importantly, customer retention is critical. This can be done by having loyalty programs in place. The approach is beneficial to both small and big businesses such as banks. Banks share videos ad advertisement indicating their impact on communities creating awareness.

Businesses are embracing change this year by use of new strategies to make them competitive in 2017. Companies are adopting new techniques to propel them to gain competitive advantage this year. The approaches should target customer connection. They ought to entail loyalty and reward programs and interaction via social media.