Getting Creative With Bathroom Advice

Simple Hacks For Your Bathroom Storage

Research show that among all the many rooms in your house, your bathroom will always be the top source of bacteria and germs most especially if it comes with a toilet. Even though the bathroom can be the dirtiest part of your house, you really can’t deny the fact that it is also the mostly used and the most functional room there is. Discover more about the health hazards of a dirty bathroom here!

Most household with various members share bathrooms with each other so if this is also your case, it might be a good idea for you to invest in a quality bathroom storage to keep your things away from bacteria and germs. In this article, we will give you some simple hacks for your bathroom storage to help you in organizing your bathroom and keeping it free from clutter so read more and let us help you with the clutter dilemma.

Bellow are some the hacks you can easily do for your bathroom storage:

1. Use a jar for small items

If you frequently use cotton balls, cotton swabs and all other small items in your bathroom, consider using old mason jars to keep them organized. But it is important for you to disinfect your jars before using them because failure to do so can cause foliage and bad smell. These transparent jars are also perfect for storing other items such as make up brushes because you can easily see them as compared to placing them in a bag. We also have some creative ideas to recycle jars for storage in this site so check it out!

2. Try hanging baskets for lightweight items

Hanging baskets are perfect for lightweight items such as loofah and other types of scrub because not only are they capable of straining the water from it but they also make them more convenient to reach when you are already taking a bath. Click here for more creative ideas in hanging your baskets.

3. Organize your drawers with utensil trays

If you usually see clutter in your bathroom drawer, you might want to keep them organized with utensils because most bathroom clutter such as used toothbrush, combs and shave can easily fit in these trays. View here for more ideas on how you can make use of your old utensil trays.

4. Get yourself a Lazy Susan

A revolving tray called the Lazy Susan is frequently used in kitchens for easy organizing of condiments and all other kitchen stuff but did you know that this company is not only producing this type of trays for kitchens? If you have various bathroom items that you use everyday, you can easily arrange them in a Lazy Susan and you won’t have a hard time going through clutter when you need them again the next day.

These are just some of the tips that you can easily apply in your bathroom storage and if you want to know more about these hacks, stay tuned in the website for more creative ideas for your household.