Figuring Out Lawns

Tips to Help You with Lawn Maintenance

An attractive home is what any person desires to have at one point in their lives. One has to ensure that they properly take care of their house once the purchase is done. Most homes become untidy because the homeowners have no time to spare from their careers to start tending their lawns. Hiring Lawn maintenance Richmond Hill can be a very good choice but for perfection, you need to understand the intricate details involved. Below are a few lawn maintenance pointers that could help you make your home look beautiful.

Ground Level of the Lawn Area

This should be the first aspect to get right in your lawn maintenance process. Before beginning any activity on the lawn area you have to ensure that the ground is levelled correctly. To ensure that you have levelled the ground you need carefully remove the top layer of the soil. After doing the levelling you will enjoy a flat and a lawn that has no bumps. Make sure that you return the topsoil in place evenly to return humus to the soil.

Pick the Seeds for the Lawn Wisely

Picking the right seeds is the first step towards having a successful lawn. How the lawn will look and its durability should guide you on getting the best seeds to plant on your lawn. When you have purchased the right seeds regardless if they are the centipede, Rye or even Carpet grass you have to wait for the right season to plant them.

Make Sure You Buy Enough Fertilizers for the Lawn
A lawn that is properly taken care of with enough fertilizers has higher chances of growing properly. Purchase enough fertilizers to dress the lawn after planting and add little by little as they grow. Another important consideration is ensuring you are buying the right fertilizer meant for the lawn. Ensure that you apply the fertilizer during warm seasons. The most favourable times to apply the fertilizer on your lawn is during the months of August and October.

Be Very Careful When Mowing

When mowing you have to be very careful and cautious. Make sure that your cutting does not go beyond a third of the grass blade as that could end the plants’ life. By following these guidelines you achieve a more levelled lawn that is flat and cute.

Always Do the Dethatching Of Your Lawn

Dethatching is the process of getting rid of the dead grass and dirt from your lawn. You may often notice them from the dark patches that form between the grass blades and the soil particles.

A good lawn will attract possible and prospective buyers and that will push the price of the home.

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