Addressing Structural Faults in Your Home

Chimneys that are made out of brick look like they can last forever. In reality, they are subject to wear and tear just like any other part of the house.


When you have noticed that some of the bricks in your chimney have come loose or cracked, you may need to have them repaired before winter. You can keep your fireplace safe and ready to use with professional masonry, caulking, and chimney relining services today.

Fixing Broken or Damaged Bricks

Bricks are made out of materials that are sturdy and resilient yet still subject to wear and tear over time. They can succumb to cracking, chipping, and breaking simply because they are made out of earthen materials. They are not designed to last forever.

Still, they absorb the heat from the chimney well, which is why many fireplaces continue to be made out of brick. When yours has broken or damaged bricks in it, you might not feel confident about lighting a fire in the fireplace until the damages have been repaired. Leaving the broken bricks in place could cause a fire to break out on the outside of your home. It could also cause dangerous gas leaks inside of the house.

The company has contractors on hand who can come to your home, inspect the damages, and then make the needed repairs quickly. They can remove broken bricks or bricks that have been chipped or cracked with new ones that are intact and whole.

They also can caulk up the spaces in the chimney to prevent gas, smoke, and fire from leaking from inside of the fireplace. With their help, your fireplace could be ready to use again before winter arrives.

Lining the Chimney

Another service you might want to invest in is having your chimney lined before winter starts. When you light a fire with an old lining in place, you increase the risk of fire and gas leaks. A new liner can absorb these dangers and help the fire to burn brighter and cleaner. It could be a good idea to have the chimney relined after every winter.